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Approved by the ICF for
Core Competencies 9.25
& Resource Development 6.75

Approved by the APA
for 14.5 CE credits


Eqi 2.0Eq 360

Denver: Dec 6-7, 2017
VCT: Oct 19-20, 2017
VCT: Nov 9-10, 2017
EQi 2.0 Certification

In Person or Virtual Class Training (VCT)

EQ-I2.0® and EQ 360 Certifications

EQi 2.0 Sample Client Report    EQi 2.0 Sample Coach Report
EQ 360 Sample Client Report    EQ 360 Sample Coach Report

Plus Practical Applications for Leaders,
Individuals and Teams

Collaborative Growth presents Certification Workshops on Emotional Intelligence
with the EQ-I2.0, the EQ 360 and the TESI. Successful participants are certified by MHS to purchase and administer the EQ-I 2.0 and the EQ 360. We offer public certification programs both in-person and via Virtual Class Training (VCT), or we can develop a custom presentation at your location. Contact us directly for more information about customized programs and coaching opportunities.

Join us for a certification program designed to help you learn to use the EQi2.0 effectively in your organization!

EQ-i2.0 and the EQ 360 are the exciting updated assessments released by MHS and based on the pioneering BarOn EQ-i and used worldwide for nearly twenty years. Multi-Health Systems extensively researched and revised the assessment to make it a premier tool for exploring emotional and social intelligence (ESI).

We will provide you with thorough exposure to working with the EQi and 360 supported by many case examples. As the premier authors of resources supporting development of emotional and social intelligence, we’ll provide tips and strategies for your focus on practical application techniques to support your success in working with these powerful tools. Learn more about books and tools to support developing ESI.

What is the EQi2.0?

The EQ-i2.0 is a 133 question self-assessment that explores the frequency of and role that sixteen different elements of emotional well-being play in your life, by applying the fifteen skills in this new model together with happiness as an indicator of emotional and social well-being. Supported by extensive research, the five areas of self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making, and stress management frame the use of the related skills that make up the key dimensions of this assessment. The EQ-i2.0 yields standardized scores, which means your score compared to the recently developed norm group (the general population), for the sixteen skill areas.

The elegant EQi2.0 model flows with energy:

Course Agenda

Upon registering for the program you will receive:

  • A link to take your own EQi2.0 assessment
  • A confidential one hour debrief on your results prior to class that will include coaching tips for you to use
    in working with the EQi and your clients
  • E-learning to prepare you for your EQi2.0 and EQ 360 certification training. This includes web modules online
    for the construction, theory, interpretation, and psychometric study of the EQi2.0 and EQ 360
  • The Certification workshop provides strategic hands on information for using the EQi2.0 and EQ 360.
  • Post workshop: MHS is making many exciting resources available including a bulletin board to post questions,
    free community learning forums, and much more.

Two Day Workshop Objectives:

  • As described, prior to the workshop you will receive your confidential EQ-i feedback
  • You will practice experiential exercises and learn about resources to continue
    giving you powerful awareness and insight into the 16 components of the EQi model
  • Best practices in giving and receiving feedback on the EQ-i2.0
  • Apply in client case studies using EQi2.0 data and practice giving client feedback
  • Prepare you to take the EQi2.0 and EQ 360 Exam
  • Explore, understand, and prepare to use the exciting new 2.0 model

What will I gain from the EQi2.0® Certification Workshop?

The completion of the EQi2.0 and EQ 360 Certification Workshop will:

  • Qualify you to purchase and administer the EQi2.0 and the EQ 360
  • Familiarize you with the EQi2.0 and EQ 360 for effective and responsible use.
  • Provide you with information you need to make educated and informed decisions about your employees and/or clients.
  • You also receive free EQi2.0 report administrations (as long as MHS continues this practice)
    and continuing education credits from ICF – International Coach Federation!

Your Investment:
$1650 inclusive of all study materials, manuals and books, participation in the workshop. You will need to cover your transportation and lodging costs to and from the workshop.
Rescheduling Policy — You may reschedule one time only at no additional charge within one year of the workshop if your registration has been paid in full and notice is provided one week in advance unless there is an emergency.
Cancellation Policy — A refund will be given to those who provide written notice of cancellation three (3) weeks or more prior to their scheduled training session. Refunds are subject to a $600 administration fee for cancellation and will be made only after all materials distributed are returned without any markings prior to any refund. No refund will be given for cancellations less than three weeks prior to training. A one-time request for rescheduling is available as described above.
Special client-site arrangements:
We are pleased to present an onsite program for organizations with a number of individuals seeking to complete a certification that can be customized to your desired outcomes and can establish exciting connections to your goals. This includes the ability to concurrently address your needs to develop emotional and social intelligence at the team level through working with the TESI and being certified to apply the EQi and EQ 360 assessments as well. Contact us for details: 303-271-0021 or
See our many exciting books, chock full of tips for developing ESI!

About the Presenter

Marcia Hughes, J.D., M.A., co-author of The Emotionally Intelligent Team, The Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence, The Emotionally Intelligent Team Facilitator’s Guide, A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence in Action and author of Life’s 2% Solution, is a Certified Trainer for Multi-Health Systems for the EQi 2.0 and the EQ 360 and has been providing certification trainings for over a decade. Marcia is a member of the EI Consortium. Marcia offers motivational speaking and workshops, organizational consulting, leadership and team development. Frequently working with teams in high conflict, Ms. Hughes trains and consults through numerous formats including emotional intelligence seminars. Additionally, in her diverse consulting and training background, she has assisted organizations of all types in addressing: leader, team, and supervisor development, effective communications, conflict management, principled negotiation, collaborative decision-making, sexual harassment prevention, effective response to criticism, and facilitation. Ms. Hughes holds a J.D. with honors from the National Law Center at George Washington University and a Masters in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver. View our EI articles.

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