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Collaborative Growth works with several assessments to complement the leadership, team and organizational development solutions we provide.

Emotional Intelligence for Success

Emotional Effectiveness, often referred to as EQ, is composed of the skills and competencies necessary to experience “success”. How do you define success in your life? How do you define success in your role? While the definition is unique for each of us, research shows that there are 16 central skills are necessary for meeting the challenges of today’s environment. Research has documented that EQ contributes significantly to a leader’s success. It helps create a culture that nurtures excellence and develops future leaders. Fortunately, you can increase your EQ through targeted skills building. Enhanced EQ provides the opportunity for creating enhanced performance and a happier environment for you and your staff! With a healthy combination of awareness, skills building and positive intention, you can improve your ability to take advantage of this vast reservoir of competencies. Learn about ways to impact your leadership and how to use this information to motivate and build skills throughout your work.

During this workshop, you will gain:

  • Specific understanding of what emotional effectiveness is and of the value in using EQ as a part of your daily engagement
  • Your personal emotional intelligence skill level in the 16 skills of the EQi, such as self-regard, assertiveness, impulse control and optimism
  • Strategies to build your skills with your Personal Action Plan

TEAM Engagement

Gain knowledge about 7 core team competencies from Team Identity to Conflict Resolution. Each team member will confidentially rate the team skills resulting in the TESI® Report. The TESI (Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey) will provide fundamental information from team members to the team as a whole allowing the team to understand where they are strong and which competencies they need to build. Perhaps your team is good at motivation but needs to build it’s skills in stress tolerance and conflict resolution. By understanding strengths and opportunities the team will build its own plan for success with tested strategies designed to produce results. The TESI is specifically designed for pre-post comparison so the team can take the TESI again later to measure its progress in becoming a high performance team.

During this workshop, you will gain:

  • Specific understanding of the 7 behaviors for team success
  • Your team results
  • Tailored strategies to build capabilities with your Team Action Plan

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