10 Actions to Make Your 2010 a Year of Authentic Success

10. Practice your 2% Solution. As I described in Life’s 2% Solution, the 2% Solution requires just half an hour a day (3 1/2 hours a week if it works better to cluster your time). Spend that time doing something that’s deeply nurturing, meaningful, fulfilling to you.  It may be what you’ve vowed to do later when you are free to explore long-delayed purposeful pursuits.  This seemingly small expenditure of time is even more critical in today’s harried world, where work deadlines loom, the carpool to soccer awaits, the dry cleaning is piling up, and a dinner party fills up whatever free time is left. We get it all done, yet feel incomplete.  This stress-filled existence leaches away our creativity, passion and a sense of fulfillment. We sacrifice the long-view of our lives for short-term results, to check something off a list. No doubt, that scenario leads to burnout.

Action: Integrate your enhanced awareness from taking some of the above steps with your own 2% project.  Investing 2% of your time in an unusual way on yourself will make a world of difference.  It’s an achievable way of creating more work/life balance without having to turn your life upside down by radical change.  You can learn more and follow the 10 step process found in my book Life’s 2% Solution.

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