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Our Mission

We Collaborate with leaders and teams to manifest their vision through aligning individual and team behavior in an emotionally intelligent climate of low conflict and open engagement. This produces the synergy to achieve maximum productivity. This is COLLABORATION! We support you in developing personalized strategic communication plans.

If any one idea about leadership has inspired organizations for thousands of years, it's the capacity to hold a shared picture of the future we seek to create. One is hard pressed to think of any organization that has sustained some measure of greatness in the absence of goals, values, and missions that become deeply shared throughout the organization.

     Peter Senge
    The Fifth Discipline

What is our work?
TRUST, ETHICS, CHANGE, PROFITS, CHOICE, INFORMATION…all these market forces intersect on a daily basis to challenge organizations and the people who make them work. Collaborative Growth develops the leaders and teams to manage them. We specialize in the leadership development, training and executive coaching that help organizations maximize workplace productivity. Our expertise is designing strategic communication programs that enable leaders to turn their visions into reality. Founded in 1993 and based in Golden, Colo., Collaborative Growth is led by Marcia Hughes and James Terrell, co-authors ofThe Emotionally Intelligent Team and Emotional Intelligence in Action,Pfeiffer, a Division of Wiley and Sons, 2005. Marcia is author ofLife's 2% Solution: Simple Strategies to Achieve Happiness and Balance,Nicholas Brealey, 2006.

What is our purpose?
At Collaborative Growth we help People achieve their Purpose through maximizing Productivity. This doesn't mean just at the bottom line, but all along the way. We help organizations synchronize with employees to align workplace effectiveness with individual fulfillment. We create strategic action plans which connect the values, beliefs and behavior within the organization. This is what enhances internal communication and empowers individual performance along with organizational productivity. We do this in part by helping build the climate of trust and emotional intelligence necessary for authentic behavioral change.
What tools do we use?
We utilize a variety of powerful tools, including the TESI® (The Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey™ ),  the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®), the EQi Leadership Report and the EQ 360 ™ to evaluate emotional intelligence. We also use the Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence (BOEI) when working with organizations. EQ-i was developed by Dr. Reuven BarOn nearly 20 years ago and measures an individual's intrapersonal and interpersonal capabilities, adaptability, stress management and general mood. Collaborative Growth also uses the Emergenetics profile, which translates information from business, psychological and neuroscientific sources into a profile demonstrating preferences for right and left brain thinking as well as key behaviors. Emergenetics is useful for individuals, teams, and organizations because it guides leaders and teams to understand which styles of thinking they prefer and how to strengthen the real behaviors that determine professional success, build synergy, and deliver maximum productivity
How does our company help organizations?

Collaborative Growth's services help organizations develop their own specialized competency maps to increase productivity through improved employee and team cooperation based on four principles:

  • Collaboration– By identifying and aligning organizational values with a common vision in the workplace, Collaborative Growth helps people work together to maximize productivity and benefit the whole organization. This supports development of our trademark service – Collaborative Intelligence™ .
  • Communication– Collaborative Growth helps team members at all levels of the organization develop the strategic communications skills that produce meaningful engagement and bring new enthusiasm to their efforts.  This readily translates into enhanced performance .
  • Diversity–By tapping into the amazing variety of skills, knowledge, perspectives, learning styles, relationships, histories and visions that each individual can contribute, Collaborative Growth integrates and strengthens the organizational culture.
  • Reflection– Collaborative Growth teaches professionals working at all levels in the organization to dialogue, listen, and reflect on their work processes to reinforce what is already working and improve what isn't working yet.

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