2010: The Year of the Team

2010:  The Year of the Team! Our motto for this year says a lot.  It’s time to highlight the value of teams to success – at the personal and organizational level.  Very little can be done by an individual acting alone; real productivity and change happens because of focused team work.  What do you find …

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Multitasking Brings High Costs

Multitasking Brings High Costs – Marcia Hughes Remember the days when you could drive your car without talking on the cell phone? Those where simpler times. In today’s world many think multitasking is an unavoidable process, but how has attempting to perform all of these tasks simultaneously affected performance? The American Psychological Association has recently …

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The Full Circle of Collaborative Intelligence

In this final week of October we will wrap up our discussion on Collaborative Intelligence (CQ, CI). In the previous two blogs we evaluated motivation, team identity, emotional awareness, and communication. These are skills and behaviors that successful teams seek out when improving CQ. The circle isn’t complete without these final three. In this blog stress tolerance, conflict resolution, a positive mood are examined.

Building Collaborative Intelligence with Emotional Awareness and Communication

On the last post we began discussing what it takes to enhance a team’s collaborative intelligence (CQ, CI). On that post we discussed motivation and team identity. On this post we will highlight emotional awareness and communication as fundamental skills in developing with a team’s collaboration. Emotional awareness is one of the most underutilized of the qualities. Emotions are a rich resource of data and good data leads …

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