Client Comments

“Thanks for being such a wonderful facilitator and communicator. You helped our Corporate Communications Dept. take great strides in meeting our mission! Your people skills are exemplary and the work was quite successful.”

Sandy Cavanaugh, Vice President
Exempla Healthcare

“I had an opportunity to participate in the Emotional Quotient Inventory Trainer Certification Program. I have been in the field of education for over 20 years and this experience has given me considerable insight in judging successful educators. James’ people skills are excellent. He takes in consideration how the participant accepts information that may be positive…encourages the learner to provide feedback …how to pace the material to be sure all the learners understand. James has a very relaxed, but professional style to his teachings experiences. He will leave you with a positive life long impression of the subject matters. “

Rose Fisher Merkowitz, Assoc. Professor
The Ohio State University Extension

“Credible, authentic, and passionate, are words that come to mind when describing James Terrell. James is a valued Partner and author at Pfeiffer. His commitment to excellence is evident from his knowledge, integrity, and work ethic in developing content; the willingness to support his business partners; and his deep understanding of customer needs. He has published many books, activities, and training materials around emotional intelligence and its effects on teams and leadership. He has a depth of knowledge in EI that makes him a highly valued resource for us as a publisher. If you’re looking to improve your business, especially in enhancing team and leadership performance, James is an excellent resource and consultant!

Denise Sullivan
Pfeiffer, An Imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

“We wanted to extend our gratitude and appreciations for the TESI workshop you and Judith facilitated for our team…We found the entire process, from the initial meetings to the final workshop, extremely informative and supportive of our goals as a team.”

Mindy Solomon, PhD and Jennifer Hagman, MD
Children’s Hospital

“Thanks so much for the recent workshop you provided to our UCH Infection Prevention and Control Team. As with so many healthcare teams, it really helps to have data about us to guide our conversation.

Michelle Barron, MD
University of Colorado Hospital

“James, life is much too hectic. I know that there are many, many demands on your time, which makes us even more grateful for your participation. The success of our project is due to our supportive community and efforts of individuals such as you. Please accept our thanks and appreciation for the leadership that you provided for the sixth Training in Transition Weekend.”

Lynn Robinson, Training for Transitions
A Partnership, Easter Seals Colorado

They have provided valuable professional support to Jeffco Action Center’s Board, Senior Team and our full staff for many years. Their facilitation, team building and executive development coaching have made an indelible difference in how well we operate. The TESI has helped our teams take a look at how they are performing today and strategically improve their future engagement. I whole heartily recommend working with Collaborative Growth in order to boost your team, board and executive performance and well-being.” …more

Mag Strittmatter
Executive Director, Action Center

“They tremendously helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I was certified in EQi last summer, yet they continue to help me with administration and analyses for my clients. Talk about COLLABORATIVE in their help for my GROWTH! Wow!! “

Scott Graham
Wright State University

“I reflect on the work you did with my team and me at Humana; it was great stuff! They were able to simplify and clearly communicate in a way that was understandable and actionable by the participants.”

Brenda Snyder
What’s Next Consulting Services

“The EQi workshop in a group setting yielded a positive surprise…we pinpointed where profitability will go up as EQi goes up. That’s a real win-win! EQi increased group trust as well.”

Pierce Ledbetter
LEDIC Management Group

“Thank you for all of your efforts, resulting in a very successful and rewarding course. I look forward to implementing our newly discovered mediation skills toward resolving disputes at all levels within the Colorado Army and Air Guard.”

James Zarlengo
Dept. of the Army

Congratulations to Collaborative Growth on your 10th anniversary! Throughout the years I have been consistently impressed with your educational foresight. In your next ten years, I know you will continue to look towards the future, discern the coming challenges, and develop effective solutions for your clients.”

Geil Browning
Browning & Associates

Collaboration is an art that demands a dance between two or more beings. Beings who are prepared to engage in fierce conversations, with politeness and humility whilst aligning with a purpose greater than themselves. This I believe results in synergy. There are few who can achieve this. They are of the few. “

Christopher Cooke
5 Deep, UK

“We are very excited about using the assessment and truly appreciate your willingness to share your time, talent and resources. Thank you for the great certification training and the intranet site, which offers extremely valuable information to support the most effective use of the TESI. We are already talking with clients who have interest and look forward to continued collaboration.”

Jeff Thoren and Sally Stamp
Gifted Leaders

“The sincerity and authentic input and concern impressed me. The sessions were supportive and informational without being overwhelming. Thanks!”

Michelle Cubas
Positive Potentials LLC

“I see why they are considered the best. What a wonderful training experience! I am sure it will be great lasting learning. The TESI promotes strategic decision making to support team growth.”

Beth Barela
WWC Ltd.

“The webinar you provided was very beneficial in providing actual methods and words to use with prospects. Thank you so much! This was one of the best webinars I have attended and is definitely a value-added piece of your TESI certification process.”

Marge Fajardo
Key Results