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Collaborative Intelligence
Collaborative Intelligence™

Collaborative Intelligence™ Model

Collaborative Intelligence™ is a powerful result experienced by leaders, teams and organizations when they invest in the ground work it takes to reach this pinnacle of success.

Collaboration involves working with one or more people in order to achieve a resilient result. Intelligence is the ability to learn facts and skills and apply them well.

Our book, The Emotionally Intelligent Team, sets forth the Collaborative Growth Team Model by identifying the seven core skills needed to understand and develop the behaviors of team success. Those seven are team identity, motivation, emotional awareness, communication, stress tolerance, conflict resolution and positive mood. These seven skills are the dimensions of team emotional and social effectiveness (ESE). We define ESE as the ability to recognize and manage your own emotions and to recognize and respond effectively to those of others. It includes understanding your social community from the “big picture” point of view and the ability to direct change and to adapt to that change.

When teams are doing well in applying many of these seven skills, they move to the next level of operational success and experience the four highly desired results of empathy, trust, loyalty, and better decisions. A team that is highly engaged achieves the significant lasting benefits of sustainable productivity and emotional and social well-being.

As your team moves through the dimensions of this model, the synergy of Collaborative Intelligence™ is fired up. Collaboration is a composite skill that emerges from the masterful use of ESE skills. The members of a football team collaborate when they huddle and agree that they will each do their part to execute a particular play. In the middle of the play, except in the face of an unexpected opportunity, the fullback won't decide to change the play because he'd prefer to run the ball rather than block! Team loyalty is unquestioned. When your team collaborates, team members take time to explore alternative answers and find a solution that integrates the wisdom of the team. It takes more time up front, because the team invests in listening to one another, to thinking things through, and to coordinating responses with genuine respect for one another. Collaboration pays off big time as you and your team progress. Your self-discipline and collective intuition will make the future much easier to navigate because teams that coordinate their ESE skills naturally act with Collaborative Intelligence ™ .

This set of blended competencies is the birthplace of synergy. Teams tap into their shared memory and individual capacities to maximize their knowledge, problem-solving capabilities, and resilience. They respond with agility to the fluctuating emotional and social contexts of the team and the organizational dynamics. The correct blend of ESE skills is the rocket fuel that propels your team to achieve its full collaborative capacity.

Your team exists in order to solve problems, to make decisions and get things done. When a team applies the seven ESE skills, your decisions are more long-lasting. This result occurs because the members communicate, have fun and engage in creative conflict sufficiently to test possible solutions and find the best answers. In fact, this result of better decisions is a natural consequence from the collaborative process that promotes the synergy of creative and tested decisions. As this happens, we invite you and your team to notice that you are operating with Collaborative Intelligence™ .

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