Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal part of human engagement; and it’s often the most difficult. Very specific skills help us manage conflict artfully. Through coaching, mediating and facilitating, Collaborative Growth guides individuals and teams to recognize and respond effectively to conflict.


Required emotional intelligence strategies include managing oneself – through breathing, being centered, being reflective and purposeful. The second step is responding effectively to others. Impulse control, for example, needs to be managed so that one does speak up, but doesn’t shout. Participation is required but how we engage is the art of finding the sustainable resolution – blaming and judging impair the solution.

Performance Plan Success

Developing effective performances plan for your employees requires the right balance of empathy and assertiveness. We teach how to read body language and gauge team members’ emotional effectiveness. Helping them recognize that they need to change, what behaviors are ineffective and how to build the necessary skills is the essential art of leadership.

Learn to use our five point checklist and watch your success and your personal influence grow!

We work with executives, staff, pairs (often a leader and team member or warring team members), or full teams and departments. In every situation conflict has its own personality. Thus our solution process is designed to meet your needs. Let’s talk!