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The Decision Style Profile guides you to an enlightened management assessment tool that leads to the development of improved decision-making skills. It evaluates the appropriateness with which respondents include others in the decision-making process and the extent to which respondents consider five critical Decision Factors in their decision process.

During this workshop leaders will:

  • Improve their capability to produce acceptable, quality decisions
  • Build knowledge of a research based system for choosing the most appropriate decision style
  • Create awareness of five critical decision factors £Improve and refine their decision-making skills
  • Build awareness of how improved decision-making practices pay off on the bottom line
  • Learn a uniform system to guide the decision- making process
  • Understand the five decision styles and the conditions that make each appropriate and inappropriate
  • Learn five decision factors critical to making effective decisions
  • Determine a personal Decision Factor Index score
  • Discover weaknesses in decision-making capabilities and learn how to strengthen them
  • Compare decision skills to those of 20,000 manager

Online Version

  • Assessment poses 10 short, real-world business cases requiring decisions
  • Can be administered prior to classroom setting
  • Takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete
  • Report includes Individual’s Decision Factor Index score
  • Report shows frequency distribution of styles selected and indicates accuracy in matching “expert” styles
  • Style Guide booklet with explanatory details is shipped for each online assessment purchased

Hard Copy Version

  • Can be administered and self-scored in the classroom
  • Allows for last minute program attendees and quick turnaround time
  • Includes interpretive tips with insight on the five factors that impact good decision making
  • Presents a flow chart for determining
  Your Certification Provides
  • 1 to 1½ hour individual coaching from an Collaborative Growth Master Trainer
  • Downloadable Facilitator Guide
  • Downloadable PowerPoints
  • Virtual Class Training
  • Online Assessment Center Tutorial
  • Access to DLI's Online Assessment Center With Decision Style Profiles®

Class format and time

Virtual on-demand and 1 to 1½ hour coaching session. Approximately 4 hours total.
Investment: $800

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