Emotional Intelligence for Technical Professionals

When technical professionals, such as engineers or IT professionals, need to lead teams and manage projects without direct line authority, it can create a perfect storm of problems… unless they understand how to get the emotional dynamics of their relationships and teamwork working for them! Emotions are invisible dynamic waveforms that have as much or more influence on cooperation and productivity as the most compelling rational arguments. This may not seem fair to the more rationally inclined, however in the decision making process the emotional brain votes first on the constant stream of environmental data and consequently predisposes much of rational thought and behavior.

In high performance organizations some of the highly trained technical specialists support and improve current technology while others are needed to lead innovation for the next generation of products. Organizations also must have leaders and managers to coordinate all of these complex individual and team efforts. Some level of skills will already be available; nevertheless emotional effectiveness training and coaching can help everyone get even better.  Fortunately, the communication skills that empower leaders and managers to coordinate and communicate effectively are generic to being human. Leaders of technical teams, as well as all other leaders, are called upon to address the need to feel recognized, appreciated, respected and relied on to make a valuable contribution to the workflow. However, just because these are common needs does not mean they are easy to address.

2 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence for Technical Professionals”

  1. Great post. I’m always struck, as a consultant, to see how people follow those that they “like.” To be likeable is to be able to influence others, manage, and lead them. Emotional Intelligence competencies make us likeable. Even if we are angry or needing to discipline a team member, EI skills create an atmosphere of trust and respect for all parties. People with strong EI are admired, not feared. They inspire and engage others.


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