Emotionally Intelligent Holidays to You! OR An EQ Recipe for Cooking Up a Great Holiday

Emotionally Intelligent Holidays to You! We are delighted to wish you the happiest and most joyous holiday season ever! It’s quite possible that this past year has tested your Flexibility or Optimism (or Impulse Control!). We suspect you could use a little bit of holiday. And just in case the power of our wishing one for you isn’t quite enough, we would like to share a favorite holiday recipe:

Sit down and exhale. On purpose! For as long as you can. Do it three times in a row. This creates an oxygen debt that will cool your overworked executive circuits in the prefrontal cortex. Then inhale as deeply as you can 4 or 5 times within a minute. This will begin replenishing your resources at the deepest internal level. Spend the next minute silently noticing your pulse – in your heels, your knees, the small of your back, your scalp. (You are already way more relaxed!)

Now, exercise your gratitude. There are many, many, many blessings we all enjoy that too often get overlooked and taken for granted. Refresh them in your awareness. Make them more conscious and they will help you find your way into the ever present joy of this moment Now.

Last step . . . Think of something little, simple, and nice that you can do for someone else and do it (quietly).

That’s our recipe for a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, a Reflective Ramadan. In fact it can transform any day into a holiday (it was originally spelled holy day!)

We join with you in celebrating a world that provides Health and Peace and Light for all,
Marcia Hughes and James Terrell of Collaborative Growth

Marcia Hughes
James Terrell
Collaborative Growth

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