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Add a Third Skills Building Day      

We encourage you to leverage your skills with resources and practices in applying the EQi and the TESI (Team Emotional and Social Intelligence) Assessments with training and tools that set you up to go right into coaching and training.

You can choose one or both half day options. For in-person training, APPLY EI! Is held the third day in the morning and the TESI Certification is the third day in the afternoon.

Emotional Intelligence In Action APPLY EI!!

Optional additional half-day skills building to apply with EI with tools including

  • Power Point and Course Outline and handouts for delivering a one-day EQi training class to leaders, teams or groups
  • Collaborative Growth’s bestselling EI Exercise book – Emotional Intelligence in Action, 2nd Ed. – written to guide users in applying all 16 skills of the EQi 2.0 with 4 of more exercises for each of the 16 skills suitable for coaching, group sessions and team building
  • Practice in applying exercises
The Emotionally Intelligent Team Team EI Certification with the TESI
  • A copy of The Emotionally Intelligent Team, power points, presentation manual for team workshops,
    and a technical manual
  • Practical focus on applying EI team building
  • Integration with EQ-i 2.0®, EQ 360® & other measures
  • Real world case examples
  • Interactive learning with a small group of skilled professionals
  • Opportunity for follow up coaching

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