ICF, SHRM and APA Certified


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Minimum of 4 participants registering at the same time @ $1700 per person.


with Collaborative Growth Certification

  • Certification in the EQi and EQ360 assessments via two days of course work with practical, experiential engagement.
  • Training and Practice with giving feedback from a team of EQi 2.0 Experts with over 50 years combined EQi worldwide experience
  • Advance preparation including your own EQi report and a confidential 1-1 coaching session with an EI master coach and trainer.
  • Collaborative Growth was selected to provide the first EQi 2.0 Certification in Toronto, home base for MHS
  • Strategies for using EQ in coaching, leadership, selection, & teams
  • A copy of The EQ Edge by Stein and Book
  • FREE! 1 hour of post-certification coaching
  • APPLY EI!! -Optional additional session on application of EI with tools including power point, handouts and a copy of Collaborative Growth’s bestselling EI Exercise book – Emotional Intelligence in Action, 2nd Ed., developed especially for the EQi 2.0!
  • Third Day Skills Maximizer – benefit with both APPLY EI!! and TEAM EI Certification with the TESI
  • Real world applications of using EQi with MBTI, Emergenetics, TKI, CDP, Benchmarks, StrengthsFinder, TESI, and other assessments;
  • Apply to success models, and for all size and types of organizations
  • On-going access to CG articles, webinars and more

WHY Collaborative Growth

Marcia Hughes and James Terrell have been certifying people in the EQi and EQ 360 since 2002. They consulted with MHS on the 2.0 update and provided the launch 2.0 certification in Toronto. Amy Miller is an MCC Certified Coach with ICF and has been working with the EQi for a dozen years. Amy is certified in using over 20 assessments and loves the EQi best of all!

  • Marcia, James and Amy have provided over 5,000 EQi and EQ 360 debriefs and trainings around the world for Fortune 50 companies, to national security agencies, ICF certified coaching programs, educational systems, non-profits and hundreds of consultants, coaches and trainers. They know the EQi and EQ 360 inside out!
  • Marcia and James are authors of best-selling EI books including, Emotional Intelligence in Action, The Emotionally Intelligent Team, Coaching for Emotional Intelligence and The Handbook for Emotional and Social Intelligence. Marcia and Amy are authors of Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence.
  • Many EQi certifiers have been trained by Collaborative Growth
  • CG was chosen to provide a 1200-person 360 program for all leadership in a major US organization.
  • CG consults with Fortune 100 companies in the US and internationally on EI and related assessments and talent development.
  • Marcia and James created the Team Emotional and Social Intelligence
    Survey (TESI)
    and will blend team building awareness in your training. THE TESI is the first scientifically validated Team EI assessment.
  • Your certification will be enriched by numerous real-world examples of what works best with a wide-range of diverse clientele.
  • Marcia is honored to be admitted as a member to the EI Consortium.
  • Marcia and James have coached and trained for 25 years and Marcia holds PCC Certification with International Coach Federation, and Amy is a Master Certified Coach with ICF.