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Marcia & James, your skills in developing a coach’s capability to maximize the potential of EI are exceptional! You develop awareness of the vast potential for understanding EI while demonstrating the art of integrating emotional intelligence with everything else a coach knows and with the mystery of life. Thanks!
Terrie Lupberger, CEO Newfield Network

TESI® is the Collaborative Growth Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey®. It creates the opportunity for a team 360 – that is each member of the team rates the team’s skills from his or her perspective. They answer questions such as “Our team continues to be hopeful when challenged.” and “Our team members steer clear of getting even.” Reports are then available on the entire team, and on subgroups, of smaller groups within the team, those sub-groups might be based on gender or age groupings or on status such as supervisors compared to managers. This allows all team members and the leaders to understand the levels of identification with the team, satisfaction, engagement, and perceived skills in areas such as communications and conflict resolution.

Your tuition for the TESI® Certification provides:

  • Practical focus on applying ESI team building
  • Integration with EQ-i 2.0®, EQ 360® & other measure
  • Real world case examples
  • A copy of The Emotionally Intelligent Team, power points, presentation manual for team workshops, & and a technical manual
  • Interactive learning with a small group of skilled professionals
  • Opportunity for follow up coaching

Your instructors are Marcia Hughes, J.D., M.A., Certified EQ-I Trainer, and James Terrell authors of Emotional Intelligence in Action, 2nd Ed, The Emotionally Intelligent Team, Coaching for Emotional Intelligence, and the Handbook for Developing Emotional Intelligence. Marcia and James are professional speakers, consultants and trainers and are the founders of Collaborative Growth. They guide organizations and individuals in developing high performance leaders and teams.

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