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Governance & Facilitation

Managing transition and change, meeting the challenges of evolving workplace demands, and building board and staff engagement all require working together well with a strategic focus. Collaborative Growth has been providing governance support for over twenty years to governments, businesses, healthcare organizations and non-profits. We specialize in the art of connecting the dots between long term strategies, specific action plans and building capacity in executives, teams and individuals to engage and exhibit the commitment. This formula builds the commitment to quality and sustainable results.

Boards, Councils, Commissions, and Executive Leadership Teams benefit when they apply fresh thinking on ways to engage. In Governance as Leadership, Chiat, Ryan and Taylor, note that boards are often dissatisfied with their role and need to reimagine how they operate.

There are three modes of governing as the diagram shows. Which one is best for your board? Collaborative Growth will help you select and apply the right strategy.

Generative Governance is an exciting new way to invite boards to use their skills much more effectively. Generative work requires the kinds of inquiry that flow with understanding traditions, values, culture and good customer service and business principles. It’s not heavily dependent on technical knowledge. One change this often leads to is fewer task oriented standing committees and more focus on issue-oriented committees that meet when a targeted matter needs addressing.

Effective Governance requires focus with
four components:

Collaborative Growth facilitates implementing the organization’s purpose through well planned strategic meetings, planning sessions, and other off-site sessions.

Stream-lined and focused process is central to effective governance. The process needs to support smooth functioning without stalling creativity. Sample

When your people, individually and as a team, are happy, and supported in gaining mastery to accomplish their tasks your organization is likely to be profitable.

Productivity is a continuous necessity and should be the result of on-going governance practices as well as events such as retreats, advances or developing a strategic plan. The Collaborative Growth model provides structure and focus for integrating effective governance. Initiate this for your team by using the TESI® Survey to provide a team 360 view of their current performance.

"For the last several years the Lakewood City Council has utilized the services of Marcia Hughes and Collaborative Growth to facilitate our annual Planning Retreat and to work within several City departments, in roles that include both group facilitation and individual mentoring. Good facilitation requires a great deal of advance preparation in addition to finesse, empathy, and where appropriate, toughness. Marcia has consistently displayed exactly the right balance of these traits, and as a result City Council has experienced extremely positive and productive retreats under her guidance.” ...more
Bob Murphy
Mayor, City of Lakewood

"Thanks for your insightful assistance in helping our Board of Commissioners learn to understand and work better with each other and our key staff. We had an enjoyable time while we grew together in a safe environment."
Michelle Lawrence
Chairperson Jefferson County Commissioners

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