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Collaborative Growth supports diverse needs for healthcare organizations in meeting their transformation challenges. Our expertise has grown over many years of support for leaders in the industry. Additionally, Marcia’s leadership as chair of the St. Anthony Hospital Board of Trustees and her appointment by the American Hospital Association to it its Region 8 Policy Board enable her to contribute innovate solutions.

The Joint Commission is requiring healthcare organizations they accredit to be “High Reliability Organizations.” HRO calls for “collective mindfulness” as a dominant attitude or cultural feature. The Joint Commission has outlined a pathway for health care organizations to achieve “consistent high levels of safety over long periods of time” through the HRO process. Existing HRO’s include the nuclear power industry, the commercial air travel system, and flight decks of aircraft carriers. The common features that facilitate these organizations to maintain consistent excellence are referred to as “collective mindfulness.” High Reliability Organizations have an overarching commitment to safety; they eliminate deficiencies in safety processes and use powerful tools to improve their processes. They also rely on an organizational culture to ensure their safety performance.

Collaborative Intelligence™, as shown in this graph and defined by the Collaborative Growth team model provides key components for creating a High Reliability Organization.
Collective Mindfulness is achieved when individuals and teams throughout the organization work together well. Research shows that 40% of a team’s effectiveness is attributed to emotional awareness, which is one of the 7 competencies measured by the TESI Survey. When healthcare teams build their emotional awareness, their ability to communicate, and the remaining competencies, they will be acting with Collective Mindfulness and with Collaborative Intelligence.

"We wanted to extend our gratitude and appreciations for the TESI workshop you and Judith facilitated for our team…We found the entire process, from the initial meetings to the final workshop, extremely informative and supportive of our goals as a team." Mindy Solomon, PhD and Jennifer Hagman, MD, Children’s Hospital

“Thanks so much for the recent workshop you provided to our UCH Infection Prevention and Control Team. As with so many healthcare teams, it really helps to have data about us to guide our conversation.” Michelle Barron, MD, University of Colorado Hospital

“Marcia’s approach pulled us into the experience of EI, allowing us to emerge feeling fully ready to use this important tool with clients.” Judith Albino, PhD, President Emerita and Professor, University of Colorado Denver

"Thanks for being such a wonderful facilitator and communicator. You helped our Corporate Communications Dept. take great strides in meeting our mission! Your people skills are exemplary and the work was quite successful." Sandy Cavanaugh, Vice President
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