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Organizational Development  - Emotional IntelligenceWe build innovative solutions that support effective communictions and productivity in leaders and teams with a strategic emphasis on results. Our book, The Emotionally Intelligent Team, together with our Team 360 measure, the TESI®, will propel your team to understand its strengths and weaknesses and target powerful strategic enhancement. The rich combination of leaders and teams operating with a full set of strategic and people skills creates an organization operating with Collaborative Intelligence™.

We specialize in helping align individual and team behavior with organizational goals to produce profitable results and an agile, resilient workforce. As international leaders in the field of developing emotional intelligence, we dedicate a unique strategic expertise to meeting the wide range of challenges our clients face on a daily basis. Marcia draws on extensive experience in law, psychology and organizational development in her consulting and professional speaking.. James attributes his success as an executive coach and strategy consultant to the powerful communication skills he developed as a psychotherapist, mediator, and construction company owner. They are also co-authors of A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence , Emotional Intelligence in Action and The Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence.

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