Team Leaders Motivate Your Teams!

Who is on the team I’m leading?  Know your team members individually. Get to know your team members individually and help them know each other through an assessment such as Emergenetics or MBTI. You’ll be amazed at how much good data supports understanding team members’ preferences.  With this information you can strategically target your requests to gain the best buy in.  Have you used a personality assessment with your team?  How did it serve you and them?

What’s my team good at?  What are their challenges?  Access your team with the TESI®The Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey®, is a team 360 reporting on how team members access their functioning in seven core areas of team engagement.  These measurable results help teams focus on how to tap into their skills and improve areas of weakness.  You and your team can measure success through the pre-post assessment.  Here’s a graph showing measurable success. Wouldn’t you like to measure your team’s success?

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