Teambuilding with Emotional Intelligence Competencies

Using a team model to measure and strategically target team emotional growth – The Collaborative Growth team model provides a process for successfully implementing team EI competencies.  The seven scales measured in the outer circle are all competencies, the implementation of any one supports successful implementation of the others, which is why the model is presented in a circle.  However, some scales will be more relevant to particular goals, such as demonstrated in Figure 2.   The middle circle shows the four desired results of team engagement, such as trusting one another, are more complex competencies that result from developing the first seven scales.  The inner circle, or bull’s eye, demonstrates the long term benefits teams and their organizations gain when these competencies are implemented.   The TESI is a team 360 which measures the team members’ assessment of how well they are implementing the seven scales in the outer circle.  It can be used to measure team progress through taking it before development begins and again as the strategies are being implemented.Team EI Competencies

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