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Training and Coaching Workshops       

Collaborative Growth's Services Are Individually Designed To Meet Each Client's Needs.

Collaborative Growth offers training to support leadership, team and organizational development.
We personalize the training to match your workforce and individual needs. Combine Assessments
with your trainings! Participants gain exponentially when receiving data!

Training courses include Assessments include
  • Emotional Intelligence for Individuals or workgroups
  • Team emotional intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Collaboration
  • Influence and change management
  • Strategic planning and design.

Live Virtual EQ Workshop $299

Your virtual EI workshop provides you with your individual results for your EQi 2.0 Assessment. Youíll learn about the 16 EQi skills and how to leverage your strengths to address your challenges.

Provided by James Bradford Terrell, EQi Master Trainer and author.

*Take the EQi assessment & receive your report in advance

  • Review of EQi skills
  • Connect your skills to your strengths and opportunities
  • Develop your action plan with a 21 day map for success

Live EQi 1-1 Coaching - $179

James Bradford Terrell would like to help you understand how emotional energy works so you can communicate with it confidently in your personal and professional relationships. Psychotherapist, mediator, author, and master EI trainer, he has debriefed the EQi for over 3000 leaders from six continents. Improving difficult relationships is his specialty.

In your LIVE 1 on 1 EQi Coaching session, James will interpret the results of your assessment and help you design your self development plan.

Coach's Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence for Success

Objective: This workshop is for organizations ready to expand leadership and staff skills through strategic EI skills development. Participants will take the EQi 2.0 assessment, receive a confidential report and develop an action plan to enhance their skills.
Time: half or full day
The highly interactive agenda includes:

  • Business Case for EI
  • Connect individual results with the 16 EQi skills
  • Develop skills targeted to the organizationís needs, such as assertiveness, optimism and empathy
  • Develop Action Plan and 21 Day Implementation Plan

TEAM Engagement

Objective: This workshop is for teams ready to be a high functioning team. Participants will take the TESI (Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey), receive a team report (only averaged scores are shown, individual results are confidential). The team will develop an action plan to enhance their performance.
Time: half or full day
The highly interactive agenda includes:

  • Team functioning and EI
  • Review the 7 team competencies and the result of the internal 360 responses shown in the Team Report
  • Develop skills targeted to the teamís needs, such as conflict resolution

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