We Are the World! Watch This Team Communicate!

They are joining together to make the world a better place, to reach for the essential goal of participating in a world that works for all!  How inspiring, and if you are reading the news, you’re watching it happen.  Our theme this month is team communications and what an inspiring example we see when Kanye, Pink, Miley, Barbra, and so very many other talented people gathered at L.A.’s Henson Recording Studios to record a new version of the charity hit We Are the World to benefit the people of Haiti! The nearly 80 performers had a unifying organizing principle that touched them so deeply that there was no doubt the job would be done superbly.  And they only came together for one job.  So even though we know there were many people of power and strong egos, we also know they intended to join that power together because they felt a personal need to make a difference for people in pain being observed worldwide. 

Communication is what team members do to connect with others so that they can understand the collection of goals that are being pursued.  Team communication includes paying attention to how well each other is proceeding in the attempt to satisfy his or her individual needs and noticing how to respond at a verbal and non-verbal level to each other while also focusing on the team goal.  Think about it – that’s a big challenge.   So how does your team do?  List three ways your team is similar in performance to the We Are the World team and list three ways you’re different.  What one change could you make in your participation or suggest for the whole team that feels most intriguing?  You, too, can be a part of a team that’s making the world a better place just through your positive intention to communicate well!

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